Acid Secs - Reinforced Hemp Downstem Cleaning Brushes

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Acid Secs - Reinforced Hemp Downstem Cleaning Brushes

This collection of pipes made from semi-precious stones will transcend you to a new high and put you in touch with your spiritual side. Functional, durable, and easy to clean, and a safe high-quality filter. (Quartz pipes should be cleaned using the same procedure as when cleaning glass pipes).

  • Total length: 10"
  • Made of twisted stainless steel and Reinforced Hemp bristles
  • The brush hair is spiral in shape and, in contact with the pipe wall of the tube very well. whether it is a downstem,  water pipe, glass tube, or a new hose.
  • The flexible hemp brush gets to all those hard-to-reach places and fits like a glove. The reinforced hemp bristles are hard and rough, yet soft enough to not scratch any glass or smooth surfaces!
  • For your first-time use, just slightly lubricate the bristles with liquid dish soap and a dash of water. Then, insert while rotating the brush into the downstem or other object to get started.
  • After a couple of twists, it will easily go in and out and will easily and effortlessly, (well, a little bit of effort is needed) clean your tight spots and angles in no time!
  • Tube Brush Diameters: 14.5mm / 19mm

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